[International Cooperation][Medicine] National Taiwan University's “OncoNet Anti-cancer New Drug Program Started

[International Cooperation][Medicine] National Taiwan University's “OncoNet Anti-cancer New Drug Program Started (Chinese Version)

NTU Newsletter (Issue 1006) National Taiwan University Hospital and the American pharmaceutical company MSD signed a cooperation contract on May 11, by which the cooperation program “OncoNet” anti-cancer new drug development program will start up and two sides will begin to develop anti-cancer new drugs together. President of NTU Hospital Dr. Ming-Fong CHEN and the Asia-Pacific Chair of MSD Mr. Ramesh SUBRAHMANIAN represented both sides attending the signing ceremony.

MSD's “OncoNet” program aims to suffice the demand for better anti-cancer drugs and treatments. Accordingly, MSD is seeking for 19 partners in the globe to spend effort on developing better anti-cancer drugs. NTU Hospital's effort and achievement on medical research have been internationally recognized; it is honorable as well that this time the hospital has been selected as one of the 19 research and development partners of MSD's OncoNet Program.

NTU Hospital has excellent talents and research environment. In recent years, NTU Hospital established National Clinical Trial & Research Center, which provided the researchers with a fine platform for clinical experiments and international cooperation. The cooperation with MSD is expected to create benefit for the cancer patients and also to elevate the bio-medical technology development in Taiwan.

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NTU Newsletter Issue 1006 (Chinese)




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