[Medicine] China Medical University Research Teams Make Progress in New Drugs

[Medicine] China Medical University Research Teams Make Progress in New Drugs (Chinese Version)

China Medical University Campus News (2010/05/14) Presently three projects of new drug invention are executed in Taiwan, two of which are directed mainly by the research teams of China Medical University. The new drugs are expected to enter the market in five to six years, by which the development of biomedical technology in Taiwan will turn to a new page.

The two new drug development projects of China Medical University are executed by the team led by Professor Sheng-Chu KUO and Professor Yueh-Hsiung KUO. Sheng-Chu KUO's cross-institute team develops a multi-target anti-cancer drug candidate; the achievement has been transferred to a domestic pharmatech company to develop the new generation anti-cancer targeted agents. On the other side, Profesor Yueh-Hsiung KUO's team develops a drug for diabetes remedy and prevention (KS-370G). In form of industry-academia collaboration, the achievement was transferred to a domestic pharmatech company as well in 2005, and, after having passed animal experiments, the collaboration project obtained a ten-million-NT-dollar financial support from the National Science and Technology Program for Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals (NSTPBP) in December, 2009.

National Science Council Deputy Minister Wen-Chang CHANG says, under the support of NSTPBP, generic drug development and new drug development are now advancing side by side. It is very satisfying to know that the domestically-developed new drug for diabetes has entered the stage of clinical experiment and that the anti-cancer drug has been transferred and ready for clinical experiment. National Science Council Minister Lou-Chuang LEE says, three to five items of new drugs for cancer treatment, diabetes treatment, etc., have entered the first stage of clinical experiments, and it is highly hopeful that we can see domestically-developed drugs in the market within six years.

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China Medical University Campus News 2010/05/14




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