Install a LAPP Stack (Apache 2.4/PHP 7/PostgreSQL 10) on openSUSE Tumbleweed

週六, 二月 2. 2019

Assume the Tumbleweed linux is ready.

I. Install the database first (PostgreSQL 10)
1. Install database
zypper install postgresql10 postgresql10-contrib postgresql10-server

2. Enable auto-start on boot
chkconfig -a postgresql

3. Start PostgreSQL
systemctl start postgresql.service

4. Set password for postgres
Switch user to postgres:
su postgres

In the psql console, set the password:
\password postgres

II. Web Server
1. Install apache2
zypper install apache

2. Add commonly-used modules
Add modules:
a2enmod php

a2enmod rewrite

List apache loaded modules:
apachectl -M

zypper install php7 php7-pgsql

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